David Tambur

Growing up in the mountains and deserts of far west Texas, Dave has journeyed from Dallas to San Diego and now to the majestic Pacific Northwest. Arriving to the quaint and amazing area of Seabeck via the Navy, the PNW is now his home. His story now continues, excited about growing roots and writing his happy ending being passionate about this incredible environment he can call home.

Researching homes and land is a passion, helping others find their happy ending in their perfect home or selling their castle that they have held dear to their heart. His heart is happily filled by his two amazing daughters who are finding their own inspirations, one as a Music Therapist and the other attending the University of Oregon. Dave is a self-described foodie, golf enthusiast, proud uncle, and a compassionate soul.

Dave has over 25 years of business and professional experience from the tech industry to military service. Working with people and streamlining processes has been forefront in his success. Using this vast experience and focusing on the needs of people is critical in the real estate industry which is his passion.